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Bringing New Life to Old Buildings
By Briana Vannozzi, NJTV News

“We have a lot of finished spaces, but we also have some spaces under construction,” Danny Popkin explained. Popkin has a knack for bringing new life to old places. He’s the brains and creative force behind the Hamilton-based company Modern Recycled Spaces...... <READ MORE>

Editorial: New Year's resolutions for a successful 2015
By Times of Trenton Editorial Board

On the topic of rebuilding, we also wish that developers in the region would take a page from the book of Daniel Popkin and Modern Recycled Spaces. Instead of the old mantra of “raze, build, repeat,” he’s incorporating what was into what will be -- and preserving the community character..... <READ MORE>

Daniel Popkin receives Hamilton Township Mayor's Beautification Award. <Read More>

'Great history and past beauty' as Hamilton's old mill buildings are revitalized, repurposed
By Bridget Clerkin, The Times of Trenton

For years, township officials have touted Hamilton’s location – near so many major highways and just between New York City and Philadelphia – as a particularly fertile place to grow a thriving business community. Eight companies or individuals making great contributions to that community were honored by the Hamilton Township Economic Development Advisory Commission... <READ MORE>

Recycling Meets Real Estate
By Christine Ott, Princeton Info

Danny Popkin collects old stuff: some of those items are on the small side, like toy cars, Southwestern Native American pottery, and oil cans. But some of those things are sizable, like the iconic sign from Pete Lorenzo’s famed Clinton Avenue restaurant in Trenton. <READ MORE>

Business booming for N.J.-based Bai Brands
By Bridget Clerkin, The Times of Trenton

HAMILTON, N.J. — Like Dr. Frankenstein, Ben Weiss tinkered and tooled in his basement laboratory intent on creating perfection, but unlike the fabled doctor’s invention, there was nothing unnatural about what Weiss came up with. <READ MORE>

RevSpring Announces Talksoft Acquisition
RevSpring Inc., a leading communications and payment technology solutions provider, announced today that it has acquired Talksoft Corporation, a provider of patient notification, electronic messaging and appointment reminder systems. <READ MORE>

Bai CEO Named Finalist for NJ Entrepreneur of the Year Award
PRINCETON, N.J. — Bai Brands Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ben Weiss, has been named a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 Award in the New Jersey region. Award winners will be announced on Thursday, June 26th at the Hyatt Regency New Brunswick.

“I am honored to be one of the finalists, and very proud of the tremendous growth we have accomplished at Bai in just a few short years,” said Weiss, who developed the first recipe for Bai 5-Calorie Antioxidant Infusions in his basement in 2008.

Cybergistics Looks to the Future of Medical Records
by Bart Jackson

At Princeton Hospital, a surgeon makes her initial incision and does not like what she sees. Surgeons hate surprises. With scalpel poised, she calls for the file of the patient’s hernia operation from seven years ago. Within moments, the appropriate photos, documents, and videos all flow onto the overhead screen, in order. After brief study, the surgeon determines the growth is just normal scarring and she confidently, safely carries out her procedure. Guesswork averted. <Read more>

Cybergistics to lease Hamilton warehouse space
By Mike Davis/The Times

HAMILTON — Cybergistics, a data storage and management company based in Neptune, said today that it will it will expand its operations into warehouse space on East State Street.

The firm will lease 10,000 square feet at the newly renovated Studio Park complex, with a planned April 1 move-in date, the company said in a press release.
<Read more>